My Brand. My Baby

10639391_860594400641351_4639524570847497241_nFor as long as I can remember, I’ve always resonated with the ideal of entrepreneurship. But, I was taught to keep myself separate from my “brand.” However, after the reading The Brand Called You, I realize that at the end of the day, I AM MY BRAND. MY BRAND IS ME!!! No separation required!

My brand is the “Queen.” The ultimate female. Inspiring, attentive, focused, creative and a visionary. She is the ideal influencer, leader and pillar of empowerment. The more I speak, the more I relate and visualize myself; “Sapphire Kharyzma.” A queen plays many roles, yet not one specific role can be used to sum up her identity.

10628365_10201882653467088_5383701953599482197_nThe only aspect of my brand that I keep disconnected is the “employee” relation. I will no longer seek solstice in the ideal of “stability, security and all that jazz…Since embarking on my venture into entrepreneurship, I’ve successfully created a persona, who is building a network (Queens of Virtue), empire ,which encompasses:

  • Queens of Virtue – Travel and lifestyle career coach; ambassador and advocate for the rising up girls and women…a movement. Funds raised through blogging, publishing, social media pr and travel and shopping donates percentage to sponsor at-risk, low-income women opportunities to invest in themselves and become small business owners. Women are empowered to be CEOs of their dreams, learning the necessary skills to meet success through the program process.
  • Queens of Virtue Travel and Leisure – Certified travel agent
  • Essence of Esther – events, workshops, shopping and travel ventures which inspire girls and women through beauty, fashion and health. Topics include dressing for success, time management, financial tips, blogging 101, social media best practices, resume vamping (LinkedIn) and more; personal stylist working with at-risk and low-income girls and women, helping them to dress for success and look their best on a budget. Shopping for a cause is our niche.
  • Queens of Virtue PR – social media PR consulting and cause marketing.

My brand is Queens of Virtue. Each of my talents are to blame for my legacy’s growth. All of these aspects of “Queen” adds value, because not two are the same – yet each one shares a passion…which has successfully helped me to brand “Sapphire Kharyzma” and clients, as a part of a team or as an individual.

10425037_10152623066057863_3033141403404647762_nMy brand has a lot to do with leadership, social entrepreneurship, and education.. “A leadership brand conveys your identity and distinctiveness as a leader. It communicates the value you offer.” – Ulrich and Smallwood. My online brand is an encompassing of all my passions, fueled through my talents.

I am grateful to be on the path to mastering  and managing team ME. I want to offer a personal touch to the social media arena, daring myself to push outside of my boundaries, testing out temperatures of different oceans, so that I can keep up with the constant crashing of the waves of life! To sum it all up, knowing how to do something and knowing how to do it well – are not the same thing! “I strive at branding, and my greatest masterpiece is BRAND ME!” – Sapphire Kharyzma.


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