The Haves and the Haves Nots in Social Influence

Being a blogger, I’ve had the pleasure of working with many brands. However, one thing I pride myself on is the power of choice! I get very finicky when I feel my power of choice slipping away. I work with brands and following them on various social media, most definitely means that I am a firm user, believer in that particular brand and their products. I always stand by my experiences – one that most likely resonated in some way if I use it for my family.

One of my favorite brands is the #EssenceOnline brand, which includes #EssenceFestival. I follow them on Facebook and Twitter. I love how the brand focuses on the positivity of being a black woman today. It highlights many of the greatest goddesses of the arts and creativity – and what her contribution is, how it inspires/impacts others, giving tips, testimonials and tricks so you too can become that same goddess. They post frequently throughout the day. They are often engaged, if the comments are positive and in line with the brand.

However, I have also noticed that in the black community, beauty (especially natural hair) has become a movement that has taken over the digital world, with those who have the cutest pic or nicest hair texture (4a 4b 4c…). To take a picture, which earns lots of likes – is totally different from taking the time to educate, empower and entertain your audience/followers/circle/network on ways to live “beautifully” every day. The motivators take time to help black women to connect and address issues that they are faced with on a daily basis, like being a single mom, how to save money, how to travel on a budget, how to start a small business, etc.

I prefer to follow brands that add value and enrichment to my life, my race, family and future. If natural hair styles, tips and the likes continue to be the focus of the brands I believe there is more to empowerment than just our outer appearance. I will agree that it does add value to our spirits however, as it can boost our self esteem!!!


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