A Brand Ambassador’s Issues With Poor Brand Relations

I’ve never been one to hold grudges. But I refuse to tolerate disrespect, dishonesty and disloyalty. I am very particular when it comes to brands that I work with, and choose to represent my entire family’s health and well-being!

I’ve been a brand ambassador for over 4 years now. The only instance I’ve encountered where I felt like my feelings were unappreciated was while working with a hair care brand, that I came across when I was beauty blogging full-time. I received some full-size samples for review, as did a few of my other fellow beauty bloggers. Me, personally – I wasn’t a fan of the parabens, sulfates and other chemicals found in the ingredients and was hesitant to use on my locs, but my daughter was okay with testing it out. Overall, the product did appeal to her liking. Where things got ugly was when the brand’s PR rep told one of my fellow beauty bloggers that she was allergic to sulfates and would prefer to decline on reviewing if the product contained any such ingredients. She proceeded to reassure this blogger that the product was safe for her to try.

This blogger did indeed use the product, which as you can guess – resulted in an aggressive, harsh, painful blisters and sores all over the bloggers head/scalp and face, which tormented her for day. Could this have been an honest, avoidable mistake?

When the blogger reached out to the brand’s PR girl, her reaction was very vague and nonchalant. What really bothered me was the fact that it seemed as if you represent a brand, you should be familiar with its ingredients and any other aspect which is vital to brand recognition! Obviously, my blogger friend blogged the entire situation, which in turn upset the brand. In fact, our entire group took to her blog to make comments and show our support for her recovery. The brand’s PR girl didn’t like the fact that I exercised my right to ‘free speech’ and decided to withdraw the proposal of me being their brand ambassador because I refused to have my comments removed. My comment wasn’t negative, bias or harmful – I just simply apologized that she was experiencing what she was experiencing, and would pray for a speedy recovery as I knew she was in extreme pain and discomfort. But to the brand, I contributed to the mass that was against the actions taking on this rep’s behalf. There was no apology, but rather lies and accusations  between the rep and my blogger friend. But at the end of the day, I stuck to my guns – as right is right!

The brand ended up choosing another fellow blogger as their ambassador – which I was over…at that point, as who wants to represent disrespect, dishonesty and the likes? I did learn however, to be cautious when working with brands – opting to have everything written out, plain and full of clarity – as to avoid any confusion. Working with certain brands made me reevaluate my approach and way of thinking. Nothing is ever what it seems anymore. I am just extremely cautious with what I associate my personal brand with. Once again, I find myself – not angry, bitter or disappointed, but rather grateful for the life lessons and avoiding the speeding bullet, which this brand proved to be as it had no direction or proper representation!


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