Social Influencers Shaping My Brand

For this assignment, I decided to go with what drives and inspires my purpose! For me – its about influencers that are making a difference in the lives of black girls and women, like Mahogany Curls, Iyanla Vanzant, Essence, Black Women Who Want More – just to speak off of the top of my head! 

10636241_10154832379325434_3624932864370445993_nMy reason behind each of these influencers, has lots to do with their inspiring mentorship, each empowering me to love the skin that I’m in. My brand focuses a lot on empowering girls and women of color, and to connect and encourage them to realize that their is so much beauty within our skin – helping them to WANT MORE, unleashing their inner goddess. Through therapies such as travel, shopping, style – getting social; gathering to build future leaders and entrepreneurs – we are able to make a difference in the lives of those suffering from bullying, homelessness, violence, abuse and more. 

Referred to as Diamonds, participants of many of my brand’s campaigns/projects/initiatives are mentored on how to best LIVE their travel and/or style entrepreneurship! These life courses extracts the whole woman – women who are wise, creative, financially educated, spiritually poised, physically fit – and who cares about her fellow sisters…enough to be an active facilitator for change within the sisterhood.

Watching how these influencers tackle and motivate their target audiences inspire me to be a pillar of resources and information for all I serve. Sort of like a luxury service Genie!

And just like that, I realize that I am not just a brand – I am a social movement who loves to brand, promote and market for a cause! 


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