Insights Into Successful Marketing Strategies

Working as an independent woman in marketing, you don’t have to imaging how much harder I am on myself, when it comes to my brand representing another.  I am happy to share this information with you. There’s so much detail that goes into strategizing successful digital campaigns that are real, relevant and repeatable. It’s not about posting some pics, splash with a few blurbs and hoping that it goes viral or is even seen for that matter (Facebook makes it hard for post to be seen organically). There is genuine strategies and planning and implementing that all combine to make these campaigns convert into results the client is hoping for.

Thank goodness that it’s 2014, and its almost impossible not to be able to track results from any social media related interactions…including blogs, Facebook and other social platforms, email and more. I’ve worked with brands that have their own tracking methods…and supply me with necessary code or snippet – and the rest is history.

I personally enjoy reach, engagement and demographics – as these seem to highlight the most impactful and important metrics when it comes to reporting to clients. These results can really display a campaigns strengths, weakness, opportunity and threats. I am allowed to survey and research…study if you will – my targets so that I can better understand how to satisfy their needs, wants and preferences. It eliminates irrelevant content and information being published, wasted time and anything else that can be avoided. These all can negatively impact a campaign. 

Marketing and ROI goes hand in hand – and any successful marketer will tell you that there are certain aspects that cannot be ignored, and metrics/ROI are one of these said aspects. If you cannot measure your campaign’s results – how are you to know if it is successful or not?

Insights, ROIs and the likes are all your friend. They come off very intimidating, but I promise you…with a little guide and explanation, your clients are going to love getting reports. At worst, its an invaluable measurement tool.


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